Play with classic joysticks, gamepads and controllers from retro consoles and computers on your PC, Mac and Playstation 3!

Retro Adapter
The Retro Adapter is a device which lets you connect old game controllers USB. You can use them in your favourite emulators for maximum authenticity, or with modern games.
Want to play Manic Miner with a real Spectrum joystick? How about Street Fighter 4 with a Sega Saturn pad, the best digital pad ever made? Ever tried playing an N64 emulator without an N64 controller?
07.12.09: Firmware V1.4 released!
Adds support for Atari Paddles and other similar controllers.
Compatibility improvements for Sega Megadrive 6 button pads.
29.11.09: Retro Adapters back in stock!
New Connectors added to shop.
01.11.09: Firmware V1.3 released! Added support for the 2P connector and remapped buttons on some controllers to be more consistent.

The Retro Adapter has two connectors, a 9 pin and a 15 pin "D-type". You can plug Atari / Commodore style joysticks, Sega Master System / System III, and Sega Megadrive / Genesis (3 and 6 button) pads in to the 9 pin connector. Neo Geo joysticks / pads can be plugged directly in to the 15 pin connector.

For other systems all you need is the right connector, or you can modify the controller itself while still retaining compatibility with the original system.

Once plugged in, the Retro Adapter works just like any normal USB gamepad or joystick. No need for drivers or anything like that. It will work with any game or emulator, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and the Playstation 3.


The Retro Adapter is now available ready-to-go or in kit form. Click the links in the menu on the left for more information or to buy one!

Because the Retro Adapter is also open source hardware you can even download the complete schematics and source code to make your own. Due to the very low component count, it's easy to build on matrixboard/stripboard.

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